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Title: Bidiagonal factorization of tetradiagonal matrices and Darboux transformations
Author: Branquinho, Amílcar
Foulquié-Moreno, Ana
Mañas, Manuel
Keywords: Tetradiagonal Hessenberg matrices
Oscillatory matrices
Totally nonnegative matrices
Multiple orthogonal polynomials
Favard spectral representation
Darboux transformations
Christofel Formulas
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Recently a spectral Favard theorem for bounded banded lower Hessenberg matrices that admit a positive bidiagonal factorization was presented. These type of matrices are oscillatory. In this paper the Lima-Loureiro hypergeometric multiple orthogonal polynomials and the Jacobi-Pi\~neiro multiple orthogonal polynomials are discussed at the light of this bidiagonal factorization for tetradiagonal matrices. The Darboux transformations of tetradiagonal Hessenberg matrices is studied and Christoffel formulas for the elements of the bidiagonal factorization are given, i.e., the bidiagonal factorization is given in terms of the recursion polynomials evaluated at the origin.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1007/s13324-023-00801-1
ISSN: 1664-2368
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