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Title: Connection between plants and humans, an example of a performative exercise exploring new possibilities
Author: Ponce de León, Marisa
Keywords: Performance
Issue Date: 2-Jul-2022
Abstract: There is much to be discovered about human nature and the world. Meanwhile, we create mechanisms to solve the mysteries that surround us, and we try to adjust our knowledge to daily life, mostly to our own benefit. Non-human beings, like plants, have been recently studied to understand their mechanism of survival. After more than five hundred million years on earth, humans are way behind them in terms of existence. We call them now ´intelligent beings´ because of their, just founded, amazing abilities to solve problems. That could be an example for us to avoid destruction, disrespect, pollution and some of the big problems facing us nowadays. During three years of research within my doctoral project, I have been trying to develop a connection with these ancient beings through creating performances. A subjective connection that could contribute to a better understanding of plants will be created on stage, using the body as an expressive resource, flute improvisation and ´sounds of plants´. With the help of technology to detect slight electrical variations via electrodes, which are translated to waves, I have created a sound library that represents, in my perspective, a specific plant. In a shared space where performer and audience
Peer review: yes
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