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Jan-2021The relation between in-service teachers' digital competence and personal and contextual factors: What matters most?Lucas, Margarida; Bem-Haja, Pedro; Siddiq, Fazilat; Moreira, António; Redecker, ChristinearticlerestrictedAccess
13-Jan-2022Factors associated with cardiovascular disease risk among employees at a portuguese higher education institutionBrandão, Maria Piedade; Sa-Couto, Pedro; Gomes, Gonçalo; Beça, Pedro; Reis, JulianaarticleopenAccess
2022Phonological awareness digital program: a randomized controlled studySá, Marta; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Lousada, MarisaarticleopenAccess
2021Association between acoustic speech features and non-severe levels of anxiety and depression symptoms across lifespanAlbuquerque, Luciana; Valente, Ana Rita S.; Teixeira, António; Figueiredo, Daniela; Sá Couto, Pedro; Oliveira, CatarinaarticleopenAccess
1-Jul-2021The role of frailty in predicting 3 and 6 months functional decline in hospitalized older adults: findings from a secondary analysisTavares, João; Sá Couto, Pedro; Reis, João Duarte; Boltz, Marie; Capezuti, ElizabetharticleopenAccess
2-Feb-2021Description of an integrated e-health monitoring system in a Portuguese higher education institution: the e.cuidHaMUstm programBrandão, Maria Piedade; Sá Couto, Pedro; Gomes, Gonçalo; Beça, PedroarticleopenAccess
2019Examining the construct validity of the portuguese version of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 among college studentsMonteiro, Sara; Bártolo, Ana; Torres, Ana; Pereira, Anabela; Albuquerque, EmíliaarticleopenAccess
15-Sep-2020Job stress, burnout and coping in police officers: relationships and psychometric properties of the organizational police stress questionnaireQueirós, Cristina; Passos, Fernando; Bártolo, Ana; Faria, Sara; Fonseca, Sílvia Monteiro; Marques, António José; Silva, Carlos F.; Pereira, AnabelaarticleopenAccess
2020Burnout and stress measurement in police officers: literature review and a study with the Operational Police Stress QuestionnaireQueirós, Cristina; Passos, Fernando; Bártolo, Ana; Marques, António José; da Silva, Carlos Fernandes; Pereira, AnabelaarticleopenAccess
30-Apr-2019Validação do The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) em estudantes universitáriosMostardinha, António Ramalho; Bártolo, Ana; Bonifácio, José; Pereira, AnabelaarticleopenAccess
2019Qualidade psicométrica de escalas portuguesas de espiritualidade: uma revisão de literaturaSilva, João Pedro da; Pereira, Anabela; Monteiro, Sara; Bártolo, AnaarticleopenAccess
1-Nov-2020Higher education in a material world: constraints to digital innovation in Portuguese universities and polytechnic institutesVicente, Paulo Nuno; Lucas, Margarida; Carlos, Vânia; Bem-Haja, PedroarticleopenAccess
2019Utilização de tablets e desenvolvimento de competências digitais: que impacto?Lucas, Margarida; Bem-Haja, Pedro; Moreira, António; Costa, NilzaarticleopenAccess
13-Jan-2021Procedures of user-centered usability assessment for digital solutions: scoping review of reviews reporting on digital solutions relevant for older adultsSilva, Anabela G.; Caravau, Hilma; Martins, Ana; Almeida, Ana Margarida Pisco; Silva, Telmo; Ribeiro, Óscar; Santinha, Gonçalo; Rocha, Nelson P.articleopenAccess
Jan-2020Treatment priorities among older people if faced with serious illness: improving the quality of life or extending life?Jorge, Rafaela; Freitas, Adelaide; Sousa, LilianaarticleopenAccess
5-Dec-2020A comprehensive analysis of age and gender effects in European Portuguese oral vowelsAlbuquerque, Luciana; Oliveira, Catarina; Teixeira, António; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Figueiredo, DanielaarticlerestrictedAccess
2019Validity and reliability of the Intelligibility in Context Scale: European Portuguese versionLousada, Marisa; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Sutre, Diogo; Figueiredo, Catarina; Fazenda, Marisa; Lousada, Maria João; Valente, Ana RitaarticleopenAccess
2020Older people’s preferences for self-involvement in decision-making if faced with serious illnessJorge, Rafaela; Calanzani, Natália; Freitas, Adelaide; Nunes, Rui; Sousa, LilianaarticleopenAccess
21-Jun-2020Multimodal emotion evaluation: a physiological model for cost-effective emotion classificationPinto, Gisela; Carvalho, João M.; Barros, Filipa; Soares, Sandra C.; Pinho, Armando J.; Brás, SusanaarticleopenAccess
Apr-2020Study on the usage feasibility of continuous-wave radar for emotion recognitionGouveia, Carolina; Tomé, Ana; Barros, Filipa; Soares, Sandra C.; Vieira, José; Pinho, PedroarticleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26