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Title: Dynamical and observational constraints on the Warm Little Inflaton scenario
Author: Bastero-Gil, Mar
Berera, Arjun
Hernandez-Jimenez, Rafael
Rosa, João G.
Keywords: Warm inflation
Finite temperature field theory
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2018
Publisher: American Physical Society
Abstract: We explore the dynamics and observational predictions of the warm little inflaton scenario, presently the simplest realization of warm inflation within a concrete quantum field theory construction. We consider three distinct types of scalar potentials for the inflaton, namely chaotic inflation with a quartic monomial potential, a Higgs-like symmetry breaking potential and a non-renormalizable plateau-like potential. In each case, we determine the parametric regimes in which the dynamical evolution is consistent for 50-60 e-folds of inflation, taking into account thermal corrections to the scalar potential and requiring, in particular, that the two fermions coupled directly to the inflaton remain relativistic and close to thermal equilibrium throughout the slow-roll regime and that the temperature is always below the underlying gauge symmetry breaking scale. We then compute the properties of the primordial spectrum of scalar curvature perturbations and the tensor-to-scalar ratio in the allowed parametric regions and compare them with Planck data, showing that this scenario is theoretically and observationally successful for a broad range of parameter values.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.98.083502
ISSN: 2470-0010
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