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Title: Checking procalcitonin suitability for prognosis and antimicrobial therapy monitoring in burn patients
Author: Cabral, Luís
Afreixo, Vera
Meireles, Rita
Vaz, Miguel
Chaves, Catarina
Caetano, Marisa
Almeida, Luís
Paiva, José Artur
Keywords: Burns
Antimicrobial stewardship
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2018
Publisher: BMC
Abstract: Due to greater infection susceptibility, sepsis is the main cause of death in burn patients. Quick diagnosis and patient stratification, early and appropriated antimicrobial therapy, and focus control are crucial for patients' survival. On the other hand, superfluous extension of therapy is associated with adverse events and arousal of microbial resistance. The use of biomarkers, necessarily coupled with close clinical examination, may predict outcomes, stratifying patients who need more intensive care, and monitor the efficacy of antimicrobial therapy, allowing faster de-escalation or stop, reducing the development of resistance and possibly the financial burden, without increasing mortality. The aim of this work is to check the suitability of procalcitonin (PCT) to fulfill these goals in a large sample of septic burn patients.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1186/s41038-018-0112-5
ISSN: 2321-3868
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