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Title: Office Management Professionals: Essential Skills In A Global Market Place
Author: Calvão, Ana Rita
Simões, Anabela Valente
Dimas, Isabel
Keywords: skills, organizations, office management
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Conselho Profissional de Secretariado
Abstract: The current organizational reality poses new challenges and new demands to the various organizational agents. In order to meet the needs imposed by a context marked by globalization, internationalization, and technology, today’s marketplace demands the constant updating of knowledge and skills. Office Management Professionals, who are key to any organization, are no exception. In recent years, the role of these professionals has gone through enormous changes, which range from the adaptation of tasks to different companies to the development of competences meant to be applied to new areas of intervention and performance. The present study aims to identify Office Management Professionals’ skills organizations value the most. Thus, a survey was conducted on a sample of organizations coming from diverse activity sectors and with different dimensions. The results of the study shall be herein presented and discussed.
Peer review: yes
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