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Title: Challenges in higher education: involving students in the dynamics of the production of scientific knowledge
Author: Capelo, Ana
Cabrita, Isabel
Keywords: Challenges in higher education
Dynamics of the production of knowledge
Student motivation
Progress in studies
Dropping out of higher education
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: InScience Press
Abstract: Society is currently contending with numerous problems for which, in many cases, no solutions have been found yet. One of those major issues is unemployment, which affects the population as a whole but has damaging repercussions on students attending higher education (HE) institutions and is hugely demotivating for them. Measures to combat student failure in education, often caused by this lack of motivation, have not been effective so far and need to be urgently revised. In this context, a study of qualitative nature was planned in order to assess how influent is the effective and active involvement of HE students in the dynamics of the production of scientific knowledge as a way to promote motivation and success in education. This essentially theoretical article reviews projects conducted to fight students’ dropping out of HE; it stresses the importance of young people getting involved in the dynamics of research in HE and relates this measure to the kind of motivation and progress felt by students throughout their studies.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-989-99864-3-5
ISSN: 2184-044X
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