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16-Apr-2011Biodiversity of macrofaunal assemblages from three Portuguese submarine canyons (NE Atlantic)Cunha, Marina R.; Paterson, Gordon L. J.; Amaro, Teresa; Blackbird, Sabena; de Stigter, Henko C.; Ferreira, Clarisse; Glover, Adrian; Hilario, Ana; Kiriakoulakis, Konstadinos; Neal, Lenka; Ravara, Ascensão; Rodrigues, Clara F.; Tiago, Aurea; Billett, David S. M.articlerestrictedAccess
2015First clues on the ecology of whale falls in the deep Atlantic Ocean: results from an experiment using cow carcassesHilário, Ana; Cunha, Marina R.; Génio, Luciana; Marçal, Ana Raquel; Ravara, Ascensão; Rodrigues, Clara F.; Wiklund, HelenaarticlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2011Polyphyly and cryptic diversity in the hydrozoan families Lafoeidae and Hebellidae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)Moura, Carlos J.; Cunha, Marina R.; Porteiro, Filipe M.; Rogers, Alex D.articlerestrictedAccess
Aug-2018Bottom-trawling fisheries influence on standing stocks, composition, diversity and trophic redundancy of macrofaunal assemblages from the West Iberian MarginRamalho, Sofia P.; Almeida, Mariana; Esquete, Patricia; Génio, Luciana; Ravara, Ascensão; Rodrigues, Clara F.; Lampadariou, Nikolaos; Vanreusel, Ann; Cunha, Marina R.articleopenAccess
6-Jul-2018Abyssal plain faunal carbon flows remain depressed 26 years after a simulated deep-sea mining disturbanceStratmann, Tanja; Lins, Lidia; Purser, Autun; Marcon, Yann; Rodrigues, Clara F.; Ravara, Ascensão; Cunha, Marina R.; Simon-Lledó, Erik; Jones, Daniel O. B.; Sweetman, Andrew K.; Köser, Kevin; van Oevelen, DickarticleopenAccess
2019Description of a new genus and species of Chrysopetalidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from the NE Atlantic, with some further records of related speciesRavara, Ascensão; Aguado, M. Teresa; Rodrigues, Clara F.; Génio, Luciana; Cunha, Marina R.articleopenAccess
1-Dec-2011Disturbance, productivity and diversity in deep-sea canyons: a worm's eye viewPaterson, Gordon L. J.; Glover, Adrian G.; Cunha, Marina R.; Neal, Lenka; de Stigter, Henko C.; Kiriakoulakis, Konstadinos; Billett, David S. M.; Wolff, George A.; Tiago, Aurea; Ravara, Ascensão; Lamont, Peter; Tyler, PaularticlerestrictedAccess
1-Mar-2017Taxonomy, distribution and ecology of the order Phyllodocida (Annelida, Polychaeta) in deep-sea habitats around the Iberian marginRavara, Ascensão; Ramos, Diana; Teixeira, Marcos A.L.; Costa, Filipe O.; Cunha, Marina R.articleopenAccess
9-Jun-2011A new 'saccamminid' genus (Rhizaria: Foraminifera), from 4400 m water depth in the Nazare Canyon (NE Atlantic)Silva, Ana Aranda da; Gooday, Andrew J.; Pearse, Richard B.; Cunha, Marina R.articleopenAccess
15-Jun-2011Apseudomorph tanaidaceans (Crustacea: Peracarida) from mud-volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz (North-east Atlantic)Blazewicz-Paszkowycz, Magdalena; Bamber, Roger N.; Cunha, Marina R.articleopenAccess
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