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Title: Motivation for learning mathematics in higher education through the “M@t-educate with success” platform
Author: Araújo, Isabel
Cabrita, Isabel
Keywords: virtual learning environments
"m@t-educate with success" platform
higher education
mathematics learning
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: IATED
Abstract: According to several authors, motivation is a major determinant of academic success and quality of school education. However, the lack of motivation among students is a current problem leading to school failure manifested in particular through early school dropout, or low exam scores. This happens especially in mathematics, and students dropout in courses that integrate subjects in this area in its curriculum, jeopardizes the future of a number of essential areas to the development of mankind. The attitudes and teaching practices of teachers are essential in the motivational process of students. It is therefore urgent that there is a change in the way of educating and teaching to enhance students’ motivation to learn and like Mathematics. In this context, we developed a study focused on the influence of the online "M@t-educate with success" platform in particular, in enhancing undergraduates’ level of motivation for learning and liking Mathematics. We chose an essentially qualitative research approach, based on a constructivist paradigm, and used case study design. The empirical study focused on the thematic unity of Integral Calculus Course of Infinitesimal Calculation from the Degree in Management of a Portuguese Polytechnic School. Students, during that thematic unit, explored the contents in "M@t-educate with success" platform and tried to solve the weekly tasks proposed, before those contents were lectured in class. In these sessions, the contents and solutions were discussed after they had been pre-explored by students and other tasks from a different nature were also performed in order to assess students' ability to mobilize the knowledge built and skills developed skills through the independent and self-regulated exploration of "M@t-educate with success" platform. Data was collected through the techniques of inquiry, observation and document analysis, supported by various tools. Content analysis techniques were applied. The main results highlight the influence of prior exploration of "M@t-educate with success" platform on student motivation for learning mathematics and in particular, integral calculus. This was translated, in particular, in students’ interest in the resolution of the proposed tasks and a greater interaction in the classroom, which was positively reflected in the assessment results.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-84-606-8243-1
ISSN: 2340-1117
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