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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011Discrete and continuous dynamical systems: prefacePinho, Maria do Rosário; Ferreira, M. Margarida Amorim Ferreira; Fontes, Fernando A. C. C.; Pereira, Fernando L.; Smirnov, G.; Torres, Delfim F. M.articleopenAccess
Mar-2012Isoperimetric problems of the calculus of variations with fractional derivativesAlmeida, Ricardo; Ferreira, Rui A. C.; Torres, Delfim F. M.articleopenAccess
2012Higher-order Hahn's quantum variational calculusCruz, Artur M. C. Brito da; Martins, Natália; Torres, Delfim F. M.articleopenAccess
2019Harmonic and trace inequalities in Lipschitz domainsTouhami, Soumia; Chaira, Abdellatif; Torres, Delfim F. M.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2012Discrete Direct Methods in the Fractional Calculus of VariationsPooseh, Shakoor; Almeida, Ricardo; Torres, Delfim F. M.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Apr-2018Stability and optimal control of a delayed HIV modelRocha, Diana; Silva, Cristiana J.; Torres, Delfim F. M.articlerestrictedAccess
1-Sep-2019A finite element approximation for a class of Caputo time-fractional diffusion equationsAmmi, Moulay Rchid Sidi; Jamiai, Ismail; Torres, Delfim F. M.articlerestrictedAccess
1-Sep-2019Optimal control of a nonlocal thermistor problem with ABC fractional time derivativesAmmi, Moulay Rchid Sidi; Torres, Delfim F. M.articlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2020Regional enlarged observability of Caputo fractional differential equationsZouiten, Hayat; Boutoulout, Ali; Torres, Delfim F. M.articlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2020Numerical optimal control of HIV transmission in Octave/MATLABCampos, Carlos; Silva, Cristiana J.; Torres, Delfim F. M.articleopenAccess
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