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Title: webQDA: quick user's guide
Other Titles: webQDA: quick use guide
Author: Souza, Francislê Neri de
Costa, António Pedro
Moreira, António
Souza, Dayse Neri de
Freitas, Fábio
Keywords: Investigação em ciências sociais - Aplicações de computadores
Investigação qualitativa
Projectos de investigação - Análise de dados
Aplicações de computadores - Manuais de operações
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: UA Editora
Abstract: Research in the humanities and social sciences in general, and in particular in education, has gone through many transformations over the past decades. Like with all branches of science, these also influenced and were influenced by specific developments in the field and technologies. For over 30 years, computer applications have been helping users make qualitative analysis of non-numerical and unstructured data, presenting the users with results in the form of numerical arrays, triangulated with descriptive discourse of a qualitative nature, which supports them in their interpretations (...)
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-972-789-499-4
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