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Title: Mixed boundary value problems of diffraction by a half-plane with an obstacle perpendicular to the boundary
Author: Castro, L.P.
Kapanadze, D.
Keywords: Helmholtz equation
Wave diffraction
Boundary value problems
Potential method
Oscillating symbols
Issue Date: Jul-2014
Publisher: Wiley
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the analysis of wave diffraction problems modelled by classes of mixed boundary conditions and the Helmholtz equation, within a half-plane with a crack. Potential theory together with Fredholm theory, and explicit operator relations, are conveniently implemented to perform the analysis of the problems. In particular, an interplay between Wiener-Hopf plus/minus Hankel operators and Wiener-Hopf operators assumes a relevant preponderance in the final results. As main conclusions, this study reveals conditions for the well-posedness of the corresponding boundary value problems in certain Sobolev spaces and equivalent reduction to systems of Wiener-Hopf equations.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1002/mma.2900
ISSN: 1099-1476
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