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Title: Solutions of Tikhonov functional equations and applications to multiplication operators on Szegö spaces
Author: Castro, L. P.
Saitoh, S.
Yamada, A.
Keywords: Reproducing kernel
Moore-Penrose generalized inverse
Tikhonov regularization
Hilbert-Schmidt operator
Tensor product of Hilbert spaces
Generalized fractional function
Bergman space
Szegö space
Multiplication operator
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: Springer; Birkhäuser
Abstract: We consider a natural representation of solutions for Tikhonov functional equations. This will be done by applying the theory of reproducing kernels to the approximate solutions of general bounded linear operator equations (when defined from reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces into general Hilbert spaces), by using the Hilbert-Schmidt property and tensor product of Hilbert spaces. As a concrete case, we shall consider generalized fractional functions formed by the quotient of Bergman functions by Szegö functions considered from the multiplication operators on the Szegö spaces.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1007/s11785-016-0545-4
ISSN: 1661-8254
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