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Apr-2011Diversity in UV sensitivity and recovery potential among bacterioneuston and bacterioplankton isolatesSantos, A. L.; Lopes, S.; Baptista, I.; Henriques, I.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Almeida, A.; Correia, A.; Cunha, A.articleopenAccess
2004L’ichtyofaune dans l’organisation biologique d’un système paralique de type lagunaire, la Ria d’Aveiro (Portugal), en 1987-1988 et 1999-2000Garnerot, Florent; Bouchereau, Jean-Luc; Rebelo, José Eduardo; Guelorget, OlivierotheropenAccess
2002Spatial and temporal organization of a coastal lagoon fish community: Ria de Aveiro, PortugalPombo, L.; Rebelo, J. E.articleopenAccess
Aug-2000Comparison of imposex and intersex development in four prosobranch species for TBT monitoring of a southern European estuarine system (Ria de Aveiro, NW Portugal)Barroso, C. M.; Moreira, M. H.; Gibbs, P. E.articleopenAccess
2006Amphipod acute and chronic sediment toxicity assessment in estuarine environmental monitoring: An example from Ria de Aveiro, NW PortugalCastro, H.; Ramalheira, F.; Quintino, V.; Rodrigues, A. M.articlerestrictedAccess
2005Sea-bottom classification across a shallow-water bar channel and near-shore shelf, using single-beam acousticsFreitas, R.; Sampaio, L.; Rodrigues, A. M.; Quintino, V.articlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2003Benthic biotopes remote sensing using acousticsFreitas, R.; Rodrigues, A. M.; Quintino, V.articlerestrictedAccess
26-Jun-2013Water resources and spatial planning systems in Portugal: using Ria de Aveiro as a model to explore better synergiesFidélis, Teresa; Roebeling, PeterconferenceObjectopenAccess
2012Impact of sampling depth and plant species on local environmental conditions, microbiological parameters and bacterial composition in a mercury contaminated salt marshCleary, D. F. R.; Oliveira, V.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Pereira, A.; Henriques, I.; Marques, B.; Almeida, A.; Cunha, A.; Correia, A.; Lillebo, A. I.articlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2007Nutrient dynamics and seasonal succession of phytoplankton assemblages in a Southern European Estuary: Ria de Aveiro, PortugalLopes, C. B.; Lillebo, A. I.; Dias, J. M.; Pereira, E.; Vale, C.; Duarte, A. C.articlerestrictedAccess
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