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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
201987Sr/86Sr applied to age discrimination of the Palaeozoic carbonates of the Ossa-Morena Zone (SW Iberia Variscides)Moreira, N.; Pedro, J.; Santos, José Francisco; Araújo, A.; Dias, R.; Ribeiro, Sara Monteiro; Romão, J.; Mirão, J.articlerestrictedAccess
Apr-2020Addressing human mobility in Iberian Neolithic and Chalcolithic ditched enclosures: The case of Perdigões (South Portugal)Valera, A.C.; Zalaite, I.; Maurer, A.-F.; Grimes, V.; Silva, A.M.; Ribeiro, Sara Monteiro; Santos, José Francisco; Dias, C.B.articlerestrictedAccess
2019Atmospheric dust deposition and levels of trace elements in an industrial city with a Mediterranean climateOliveira, Ana Rita; Rangel, M.; Noack, Y.; Gomes, E.; Costa, J. J.; Cabral Pinto, Marina; Rocha, Fernando Joaquim; Santos, José Francisco; Antunes, M.; Marinho Reis, P.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2022Characterisation and historical quarries location of marbles from Guarrazar Archaeological Site (Toledo, Spain)Freire-Lista, David; Santos, José Francisco; Lopes, LuísconferenceObjectopenAccess
Nov-2021Comparison of petrological and geochemical characteristics of three different types of Eocene copper-gold mineralization in eastern IranKarimpour, Mohammad Hassan; Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, Azadeh; Mohammadi, Fahimeh; Askari, Ali; Sadeghi, Martiya; Santos, José Francisco; Stern, Charles R.articlerestrictedAccess
2019Contributions to the radiogenic isotopic fingerprint of Tenerife wine from land, sea and airColdwell, B.; Pankhurst, M.; Ribeiro, Sara Monteiro; Santos, José Francisco; Padrón, E.; Asensio, M.; Peréz, N.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Apr-2020Diet and mobility during the Christian conquest of Iberia: The multi-isotopic investigation of a 12th-13th century military order in Évora, PortugalMacRoberts, R.; Dias, C.B.; Fernandes, T.; Santos, A. L.; Umbelino, C.; Gonçalves, A.; Santos, José Francisco; Ribeiro, Sara Monteiro; Schöne, B. R.; Barros, F.; Correia, F.; Vilar, H. V.; Maurer, A.-F.articlerestrictedAccess
1-Jun-2018Diet and mobility of fauna from Late Neolithic-Chalcolithic site of Perdigões, PortugalZalaite, I.; Maurer, A.-F.; Grimes, V.; Silva, A. M.; Ribeiro, Sara Monteiro; Santos, José Francisco; Dias. C. B.; Valera, A. C.articleopenAccess
2018Efects of secondary late dolomitization on 87Sr/86Sr isotopic ratio; examples from Ossa-Morena Zone carbonatesMoreira, N.; Pedro, J.; Santos, José Francisco; Inês, N.; Araújo, A.; Dias, R.; Ribeiro, Sara Monteiro; Romão, J.; Mirão, J.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Feb-2021Evidence of iron oxide-copper-gold mineralization in the Torud-Chahshirin Magmatic Belt, Northern Iran: insight from the Robaie areaAkerdi, Mehdi Mahdavi; Shafaroudi, Azadeh Malekzadeh; Karimpour, Mohammad Hassan; Rahimi, Behnam; Santos, José FranciscoarticlerestrictedAccess
2020Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Raviz-Shanabad intrusions, (SE UDMB): an evidence for Late Eocene magmatismNejad, Hamideh Salehi; Ahmadipour, Hamid; Moinzadeh, Hesamodin; Moradian, Abbas; Santos, José FranciscoarticlerestrictedAccess
Jul-2019Geochemistry, Sr-Nd Isotopes and Zircon U–Pb Geochronology of Intrusive Rocks: Constraint on the genesis of the Cheshmeh Khuri Cu mineralization and its link with granitoids in the Lut Block, Eastern IranMoghaddam, M. J.; Karimpour, M. H.; Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, A.; Santos, José Francisco; Mendes, Maria Helena AcciaioliarticleopenAccess
2019Geochronological and geochemical characteristics of the Dehzaman intrusive and volcanic rocks (NE Iran): Implication for a Cadomian magmatismHajimirzajan, H.; Shafaroudi, A. M.; Homam, S. M.; Shari, M. R. H.; Santos, José FranciscoarticleopenAccess
2020Geochronology and petrogenesis of the Late Neoproterozoic granitic gneisses of Golpayegan metamorphic complex: a new respect for Cadomian crust in the Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, IranMoradi, Arezoo; Shabanian, Nahid; Davoudian, Ali Reza; Azizi, Hossein; Santos, José Francisco; Asahara, YoshihiroarticlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2018Influence of dominant wind patterns in a distal region of the NW Iberian Margin during the last glaciationMartins, Virgínia; Rey, Daniel; Pereira, Egberto; Plaza-Morlote, Maider; Salgueiro, Emília; Moreno, João; Duleba, Wânia; Ribeiro, Sara Monteiro; Santos, José Francisco; Bernabeu, Ana; Rubio, Belén; Laut, Lazaro Luiz Mattos; Frontalini, Fabrizio; Rodrigues, Maria Antonieta da Conceição; Rocha, Fernando JoaquimarticlerestrictedAccess
May-2022Late Jurassic Paleotethyan oceanic slab break-off revealed by Sr-Nd-Hf isotopes of Na-rich adakitic granites from northwestern TurkeyKarsli, Orhan; Sengün, Fırat; Santos, José Francisco; Uysal, Ibrahim; Dokuz, Abdurrahman; Aydin, Faruk; Kandemir, RaifarticlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2021Lithospheric mantle, asthenosphere, slab and crustal contribution in petrogenesis of Eocene to Miocene volcanic rocks from the west Alborz Magmatic Assemblage, SE Ahar, IranAhmadvand, A.; Ghorbani, Mohammad Reza; Mokhtari, Mir Ali Asghar; Chen, Yi; Amidon, William; Santos, José Francisco; Paydari, MohammadarticlerestrictedAccess
2019Mármores da Zona de Ossa-Morena utilizados na Antiguidade Clássica: síntese e discussão dos dados isotópicos publicadosMoreira, N.; Pedro, J.; Lopes, L.; Carneiro, A.; Mourinha, N.; Araújo, A.; Santos, José Francisco; Dias, R.conferenceObjectopenAccess
8-Jan-2020Middle Eocene magmatism in the Khur region (Lut Block, Eastern Iran): implications for petrogenesis and tectonic settingJavidi Moghaddam, M.; Karimpour, M.H.; Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, A.; Santos, José Francisco; Corfu, F.articlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2020Mineralogy, mineral chemistry and thermobarometry of post-mineralization dykes of the Sungun Cu-Mo porphyry deposit (Northwest Iran)Kamali, Amin Allah; Moayyed, Mohsen; Amel, Nasir; Mohammad, Fadaeian; Brenna, Marco; Saumur, Benoit M.; Santos, José FranciscoarticleopenAccess