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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
29-May-2023Anomalous thermal conductivity of alkaline-earth-metal-substituted EuTiO3 induced by resonant scatteringXiao, Xingxing; Xie, Wenjie; Philippi, Kai; Liu, Yamei; Skokov, Konstantin; Radulov, Iliya Angelov; Widenmeyer, Marc; Kovalevsky, Andrei; Shen, Chen; Zhang, Hongbin; Checchia, Stefano; Scavini, Marco; He, Jian; Weidenkaff, AnkearticleembargoedAccess
Jul-2020Electrical performance tuning in thermoelectric Ca3Co4O9 materials by transition metals additionsConstantinescu, Gabriel; Rasekh, Shahed; Mikhalev, Sergey; Kovalevsky, AndreiconferenceObjectopenAccess
10-Dec-2019Electrochemical reduction of hematite-based ceramics in alkaline medium: challenges in electrode designLopes, Daniela V.; Ivanova, Yu. A.; Kovalevsky, Andrei; Sarabando, Artur R.; Frade, Jorge R.; Quina, Margarida J.articleopenAccess
2-Nov-2022Enhancement of thermoelectric performance of donor-doped ZnO ceramics by involving an In situ aluminothermic reaction during processingConstantinescu, Gabriel; Galatanu, Andrei; Tobaldi, David; Mikhalev, Sergey; Suarez, Diana; Paulino, Tiago; Zakharchuk, Kiryl; Sergiienko, Sergii; Lopes, Daniela; Kovalevsky, AndreiarticleopenAccess
Jul-2022Exploring the strategies towards enhancing the thermoelectric performance in oxide materialsKovalevsky, Andrei; Constantinescu, Gabriel; Lopes, Diogo; Ferreira, Nuno M.; Zakharchuk, Kiryl; Paulino, Tiago; Zúquete, Joana; Suarez, Diana; Rasekh, Shahed; Amir Khizi, Parisa; Galatanu, Andrei; Aguirre, Myriam H.; Xie, Wenjie; Weidenkaff, AnkeconferenceObjectopenAccess
Sep-2022Guidelines for processing of porous barium zirconate-based ceramic electrolytes for electrochemical solid oxide cell applicationsZakharchuk, Kiryl; Yaremchenko, Aleksey; Kovalevsky, AndreiarticleembargoedAccess
Jun-2022High-performance thermoelectric oxides: processing approaches and composition designKovalevsky, Andrei; Constantinescu, Gabriel; Lopes, Diogo; Zakharchuk, Kiryl V.; Rasekh, Shahed; Yaremchenko, Aleksey A.; Ferreira, Nuno M.; Xie, Wenjie; Weidenkaff, Anke; Galatanu, Andrei; Aguirre, Myriam H.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2022Novos materiais para geradores termoelétricos de recolha de calor à base de cobaltites de cálcioZúquete, Joana; Kovalevsky, AndreireportopenAccess
Jul-2022Synthesis and characterization of Ba(Fe,Zr,Ni)O3 perovskites for potential application in electrochemical NOx decompositionZakharchuk, Kiryl; Kovalevsky, Andrei; Yaremchenko, AlekseyconferenceObjectopenAccess