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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011All-Optical Clocked D Flip-Flop Memory Using A Hybrid Integrated S-R LatchReis, Cláudia; Maziotis, A.; Kouloumentas, C.; Stamatiadis, C.; Bougioukos, M.; Calabretta, N.; Andre, Paulo; Dionisio, R.; Neto, B.; Dorren, H. J. S.; Avramopoulos, H.; Teixeira, AntónioarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Cost effective refractive index sensor based on optical fiber micro cavities produced by the catastrophic fuse effectFatima Domingues, M.; Antunes, Paulo; Alberto, Nelia; Frias, Rita; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Andre, PauloarticlerestrictedAccess
2011Detection of Fiber Fuse Effect Using FBG SensorsRocha, Ana; Antunes, Paulo; Domingues, Maria de Fatima F.; Facao, Margarida; Andre, PauloarticlerestrictedAccess
2011Dynamic monitoring of a mobile telecommunications tower with a bi-axial optical FBG accelerometerAntunes, Paulo; Travanca, Rui; Varum, Humberto; Andre, PauloconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2010Evaluation Of The Effect Of Channel Add/Drop Impact On Power Transients On The Performance Of A 10-Gb/S Dwdm Transmission System With Hybrid Edfa/Raman AmplificationNeto, B.; Ferreira, J. M.; Wada, N.; Pinto, Armando; Andre, PauloarticlerestrictedAccess
2010Improved thermal model for optical fibre coating owing to small bending diameter and high power signalsAndre, Paulo; Rocha, Ana; Domingues, F.; Martins, A.articlerestrictedAccess
2010Multi-objective genetic algorithm applied to spectroscopic ellipsometry of organic-inorganic hybrid planar waveguidesFernandes, Vasco R.; Vicente, Carlos; Wada, Naoya; Andre, Paulo; Ferreira, Maria R.articleopenAccess
2011Multichannel dispersion compensation using a simplified approach SFBG designSa, Luis; Marques, Carlos; Alberto, Nelia; Nogueira, Rogerio; Andre, PauloconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2014Optical strain sensor based on FPI micro-cavities produced by the fiber fuse effectFatima Domingues, M.; Antunes, Paulo; Alberto, Nelia; Frias, Rita; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Andre, PauloarticleopenAccess
2010Organic-inorganic hybrid materials towards passive and active architectures for the next generation of optical networksFerreira, Maria R.; Andre, Paulo; Carlos, LuísarticlerestrictedAccess
2010Rayleigh Assisted Brillouin Effects In Distributed Raman Amplifiers Under Saturated Conditions At 40 Gb/SRocco Giraldi, M. T. M.; Rocha, Ana; Neto, B.; Correia, C.; Segatto, M. E. V.; Pontes, M. J.; Barbero, A. P. L.; Costa, J. C. W.; Martinez, M. A. G.; Frazao, O.; Baptista, J. M.; Salgado, H. M.; Marques, M. B.; Teixeira, António; Andre, PauloarticlerestrictedAccess
2011Thin bonding wires temperature measurement using optical fiber sensorsAntunes, Paulo; Rocha, Ana; Lima, Hugo; Varum, Humberto; Andre, PauloarticlerestrictedAccess