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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2008Eigenvalue problems for hemivariational inequalitiesPapageorgiou, Nikolaos; Santos, Sandrina Rafaela Andrade; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2008Eigenvalue problems for nonlinear elliptic equations with unilateral constraintsFilippakis, Michael; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2010Existence and multiplicity of solutions for resonant nonlinear Neumann problemsAizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
1-Jun-2020Existence and multiplicity results for partial differential inclusions via nonsmooth local linkingIannizzotto, Antonio; Staicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
2009Existence of multiple solutions with precise sign information for superlinear Neumann problemsAizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2014Existence Results for Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Multivalued Nonlinear TermsOtani, Mitsuharu; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2013In memory of Professor Francesco Saverio De BlasiStaicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
2022Infinitely many nodal solutions for anisotropic (p, q)-equationsAizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
May-2020Maximum principles for some quasilinear elliptic systemsLeonardi, Salvatore; Leonetti, Francesco; Pignotti, Cristina; Rocha, Eugénio; Staicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
1989Minimal time function and viscosity solutionsStaicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2010Multiple nontrivial solutions for doubly resonant periodic problemsPapageorgiou, Nikolaos S.; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2007Multiple nontrivial solutions for nonlinear periodic problems with the p-LaplacianAizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2010Multiple positive solutions for a p-Laplacian dirichlet problem with superdiffusive reactionAizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2007Multiple solutions for strongly resonant periodic systemsPapageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2020Multiple solutions with sign information for (p, 2)−equations with asymmetric resonant reactionAizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.; Staicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
2014Multiplicity of solutions for a class of nonlinear nonhomogeneous elliptic equationsAizicovici, S.; Papageorgiou, N. S.; Staicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
2008A multiplicity theorem for hemivariational inequalities with a p-Laplacian-like differential operatorPapageorgiou, Nikolaos; Rocha, Eugénio; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2008Multiplicity theorems for superlinear elliptic problemsPapageorgiou, Nikolaos; Rocha, Eugenio; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2007Multivalued evolution equations with nonlocal initial conditions in Banach spacesAizicovici, Sergiu; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
25-Jan-2012New results concerning evolution inclusions in Banach spacesStaicu, VasileworkingPaperrestrictedAccess