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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2024Perspectives on integrated retrofitting of existing reinforced concrete buildingsAlmeida, Rafaela; Rodrigues, Hugo; Gomes, M. Glória; Furtado, AndréarticleopenAccess
Mar-2024Retrofitting solution for beam-to-column connections of precast reinforced concrete industrial buildingsRodrigues, Hugo; Batalha, Nádia; Furtado, André; Arêde, António; Sousa, Romain; Varum, HumbertoarticleopenAccess
2021A review of the performance of infilled RC structures in recent earthquakesFurtado, André; Rodrigues, Hugo; Arêde, António; Varum, HumbertoarticleopenAccess
2021Seismic precast: seismic performance assessment of existing precast industrial buildingsFurtado, André; Arêde, António; Rodrigues, Fernanda; Rodrigues, Hugo; Vitorino, Hugo; Varum, Humberto; Ostetto, Liana; Batalha, Nádia; Fernandes, Paulo; Sousa, Romain; Silva, VítorbookopenAccess
2023Simplified guidelines for retrofitting scenarios in the european countriesFurtado, André; Rodrigues, Hugo; Varum, HumbertoarticleopenAccess
Oct-2022The effect of a textile-reinforced mortar on the flexural response of energy-improved infill wallsFurtado, André; Arêde, António; Rodrigues, HugoarticlerestrictedAccess
Oct-2021The role of the openings in the out-of-plane behaviour of masonry infill wallsFurtado, André; Arêde, António; Rodrigues, Hugo; Varum, HumbertoarticlerestrictedAccess
2021The use of textile-reinforced mortar as a strengthening technique for the infill walls out-of-plane behaviourFurtado, André; Rodrigues, Hugo; Arêde, António; Melo, José; Varum, HumbertoarticleembargoedAccess