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 Boundary integral methods for wedge diffraction problems: The angle 2pi/n, Dirichlet and Neumann conditions
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title: Boundary integral methods for wedge diffraction problems: The angle 2pi/n, Dirichlet and Neumann conditions
authors: Ehrhardt, Torsten
Nolasco, Ana Paula
Speck, Frank-Olme
keywords: Wedge diffraction problem
boundary value problem
pseudodifferential operator
Rawlins factorization
Helmholtz equation
half-line potential
Sommerfeld potential
issue date: 2011
publisher: Element
abstract: In this paper we use analytical methods for boundary integral operators (more precisely, pseudodifferential operators) together with symmetry arguments in order to treat harmonic wave diffraction problems in which the field does not depend on the third variable and the wave incidence is perpendicular. These problems are formulated as two-dimensional, mixed elliptic boundary value problems in a non-rectangular wedge. We solve explicitly a number of reference problems for the Helmholtz equation regarding particular wedge angles, boundary conditions, and space settings, which can be modified and generalized in various ways. The solution of these problems in Sobolev spaces was open for some fifty years.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/7038
ISSN: 1846-3886
publisher version/DOI: http://oam.ele-math.com/
source: Operators and Matrices
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