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 Using CAN to retrofit houses for quadriplegic people
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title: Using CAN to retrofit houses for quadriplegic people
authors: Fonseca, José
Bartolomeu, Paulo
Silva, Valter
Santos, Vasco
Abreu, Carlos
Mota, Alexandre
Cunha, Margarida
Lopes, Arminda
issue date: 2008
publisher: CAN-CiA
abstract: This paper describes the B-Live® system targetted to automate house appliances for severely impaired people, in particular quadriplegic. This system has been developed at Micro I/O for enhancing the quality of life and the independence of its potential users. The envisaged application is the retrofitting of common dwellings. The B-Live system is described and details on its software, hardware and CAN-based communications architecture are provided. A survey of the supported appliances and interfaces is presented as well as a description of the B-live configuration and operation procedures. The adequacy of the B-Live system to improve the autonomy of the envisaged users was informally evaluated by C5 and C6 patients at a demonstration house located in the CMRRC Rovisco Pais, a rehabilitation center near Aveiro, in Portugal. The conclusion is that the system has a short learning curve and can cope with the requirements of its potential users. The use of CAN in this application opens the possibility to include safety critical real-time systems in the BLive system. This is the case of the monitoring of the ventilator used for quadriplegic people that require breath assistance.
description: DETI
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/6459
source: International CAN Conference (iCC)
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