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 Integrated graphical environment for support nonlinear dynamic software for the analysis of plane frames
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title: Integrated graphical environment for support nonlinear dynamic software for the analysis of plane frames
authors: Rodrigues, H.
Romão, X.
Costa, A.
Varum, H.
keywords: Visual Interface
Engineering Software
Structural Analysis
RC Structures
Non-linear Models
issue date: 2007
abstract: Nonlinear structural analyses allow reproducing in a more realistic sense the behaviour of structures subjected to several types of complex loading conditions, e.g. earthquakes. However, it is largely recognized that these analyses normally generate a considerable amount of results, being difficult its interpretation. Over the last years considerable progresses have been made in structural nonlinear behaviour modelling, associated to the fast growing development of numerical algorithms for structural analysis and computer capacities. However, a similar growth in the development of graphical results visualization tools has not been witnessed. To face this, a graphical processor called VISUALANL was developed for an existing nonlinear dynamic analysis program for plane frame structures, PORANL. (Extended paper from the International Symposium CompIMAGE – Coimbra, Portugal, 20-21 October 2006.)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/6405
ISSN: 1726-4529
publisher version/DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2507/IJSIMM06(2)S.05
source: International Journal of Simulation Modelling, IJSIMM
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