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 Creative Places for Collaborative Cities: Proposal for the ‘Progetto Habitat e Cultura’ in Milan
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title: Creative Places for Collaborative Cities: Proposal for the ‘Progetto Habitat e Cultura’ in Milan
authors: Franqueira, Teresa
keywords: Service Design
Social Innovation
issue date: 2008
publisher: Allemandi Conference Press
abstract: This paper presents a proposal for a pilot project in an old milk factory in Milan, which is part of an ongoing PhD research that aims to develop a solution to enhance the growth and development of creative places for a new urban everyday life. Places where groups of people collaboratively promote and manage a mix of creative initiatives in the fields of art and culture, economy and production, social services and urban regeneration. This places help to shape a different city. A Collaborative City, that is, a city with kernels of creativity, where people interact and enact creating a symbiosis of activities that promote sustainable lifestyles, an active citizenship, social inclusion, cultural diversity and new economic models. It is a city where hierarchies are transversal instead of vertical, i.e, where local authorities (urban leaders) create opportunities for mass participation, bottom-up creativity and collaborative services.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/5497
ISBN: 978-88-422-1670-4
publisher version/DOI: http://www.allemandi.com/ebook.php
source: Changing the Change
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