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 Fractional h-difference equations arising from the calculus of variations
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title: Fractional h-difference equations arising from the calculus of variations
authors: Ferreira, R.A.C.
Torres, D.F.M.
keywords: Euler-Lagrange equations
Explicit solutions
Fractional difference calculus of variations
Fractional discrete calculus
issue date: 2011
publisher: University of Belgrade and Academic Mind
abstract: The recent theory of fractional h-difference equations introduced in [9], is enriched with useful tools for the explicit solution of discrete equations involving left and right fractional difference operators. New results for the right fractional h sum are proved. Illustrative examples show the effectiveness of the obtained results in solving fractional discrete Euler-Lagrange equations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/4067
ISSN: 1452-8630
source: Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics
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