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 A family of graded epistemic logics
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title: A family of graded epistemic logics
authors: Benevides, Mário
Madeira, Alexandre
Martins, Manuel A.
keywords: Epistemic Logic
Action Lattice
Modal Logics
issue date: 23-Sep-2017
abstract: Multi-Agent Epistemic Logic has been investigated in Computer Science [5] to represent and reason about agents or groups of agents knowledge and beliefs. Some extensions aimed to reasoning about knowledge and probabilities [4] and also with a fuzzy semantics have been proposed [6,13]. This paper introduces a parametric method to build graded epistemic logics inspired in the systematic method to build Multi-valued Dynamic Logics introduced in [11,12]. The parameter in both methods is the same: an action lattice [9]. This algebraic structure supports a generic space of agent knowledge operators, as choice, composition and closure (as a Kleene algebra), but also a proper truth space for possible non bivalent interpretation of the assertions (as a residuated lattice).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/21335
publisher version/DOI: http://lsfa2017.cic.unb.br/LSFA2017.pdf
source: 12th Workshop on Logical and Semantic Frameworks with Applications (LSFA 2017)
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