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Sep-2011Nd isotope composition of the terrigenous component of sediments as a tracer for the Heinrich events: a study in the NW Iberian continental marginMartins, V.; Santos, J. F.; Ribeiro, S.; Soares, A. S.; Castro, N.; Mackensen, A.; Moreno, J.; Rey, D.; Rubio, B.; Dias, J. M. A.; Rocha, F.
10-Jun-2012NETCONF agent for link state monitoringLoureiro, Diogo; Gonçalves, Pedro Alexandre Sousa; Nogueira, António
Jul-2013Network admission control solution for 6LoWPAN networksOliveira, Luís; Rodrigues, Joel; Neto, Carlos; Sousa, Amaro Fernandes de
Jun-2009Network ethics and government to business relationships in PortugalGonçalo Paiva Dias; André Azevedo Alves; José Manuel Moreira
Jun-2011Network interfaces flying over IP networksBrito, Alexandre; Aguiar, Rui L; Barraca, João Paulo
3-Jun-2009A new approach for operating powered wheelchairs by people with severe impairmentsUrbano, Maria Margarida; Fonseca, José; Nunes, Urbano; Lopes, Arminda
2006A new approach for time-triggered phase in the FTT-CAN protocol: a case study in an automotive systemAtaide, Fernando; Pereira, Carlos; Silva, Valter
Jun-2011A new cemented hip prosthesis conceptRamos, António; Relvas, Carlos; Completo, António; Simões, José A.
15-Jul-2012New CQ-free optimality criterion for convex SIP problems with polyhedral index setsKostyukova, Olga; Tchemisova, Tatiana
22-Feb-2006A new data reduction scheme to obtain the mode II fracture properties of Pinus Pinaster woodSilva, M. A. L.; Moura, M. F. S. F. de; Morais, A. B. de; Morais, J. J. L.
2012New geochemical and isotopic constraints on the genesis of the Oliveira Azeméis granitoid melts (Porto-Tomar Shear Zone, Iberian Variscan Chain, Central-Western Portugal)Santos, José Francisco; Mendes, Maria Helena; Gonçalves, Ana Catarina Dias; Moita, Patrícia
2007A new method for the orthogonal extraction of the volterra series coefficientsLavrador, P.M.; Pedro, J.C.; Carvalho, N.B.
24-Jul-2006A new methodology for the characterization of mode II fracture of pinus pinaster woodMoura, M. F. S. F. de; Silva, M. A. L.; Morais, J. J. L.; Morais, A. B. de; Lousada, J. L.
2004A new method to improve the impedance of the CC-II's X inputAlves, L. N.; Aguiar, R.L.
2008A new method to measure the jitter of a signalReis, A.D.; Rocha, J.F.; Gameiro, A.S.; Carvalho, J.P.
Feb-2013A new physarum learner for network structure learning from biomedical dataSchön, T.; Stetter, M.; Tomé, A. M.; Lang, E. W.
2009A new technique to achieve exact and controllable voltage gain relations in feedback amplifiersAlves, L. N.; Cura, J.L.
Jul-2013New U-Pb ages for syn-orogenic magmatism in the SW sector of the Ossa Morena Zone (Portugal)Moita, P.; Santos, J. F.; Costa, M. M.; Corfu, F.
Jul-2011New U-Pb zircon age constraints for the emplacement of the Reguengos de Monsaraz Massif (Ossa Morena Zone)Antunes, A.; Santos, J.F.; Azevedo, M.R.; Corfu, F.
2013New U-Pb zircon ages for Early Ordovician magmatism in Central PortugalAzevedo, M.R.; Valle Aguado, B.; Costa, M.; Corfu, F.; Nolan, J.
showing results 1027 to 1046 of 1697
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