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2009A hardware demonstrator of a cognitive radio system using temporal opportunitiesBiard, L.; Noguet, D.; Gernandt, T.; Marques, P.; Gameiro, A.
2006Haste press-fit recta versus curva na revisão do componente femoral na ATJCompleto, António; Simões, José António; Fonseca, Fernando
2009Have you ever listened coastal inhabitants? Know what they think…Martins, F; Almeida, A Betâmio De; Pinho, L
2011Head and scapular posture in flutists: a pilot controlled studyTeixeira, Z; Lã, F; Silva, A
2007Head posture and neck pain of non-traumatic origin. A comparison between patients and pain-free individualsSilva, A; Alves, E; Sharples, P; Punt, D; Vilas-Boas, JP; Johnson, MI
2005Headspace solid phase microextraction-gas chromatography as a simple and clean methodology for determination of methylesterification and acetylation of polysaccharidesNunes, C.; Rocha, S. M.; Saraiva, J.; Coimbra, M. A.
2010Health monitoring of civil engineering infrastructures with optical fiber sensorsAntunes, P.; Lima, H.; Varum, H.; André, P.
2010High pressure as a new reaction condition for enzymes activity - case study on cellulase in the presence on an ionic liquidSalvador, Â. C.; Santos, M. da C.; Saraiva, J. A.
2008High pressure treatment of grape seed to Enhance the yield of oil extractionMagalhães, A. L.; Passos, C. P.; Saraiva, J. A.; Coimbra, M. A.; Silva, C. M.
2009High pressure treatments as an alternative to conventional thermal blanching - A case study on sweet green and red bell pepper fruits (Capsicum annuum L.)Castro, S.; Saraiva, J. A.; Lopes da Silva, J. A.; Delgadillo, I.; Van Loey, A.; Smout, C.; Hendrickx, M.
2002High resolution DOA estimation technique for uplink TDD modeMarques, P.; Gameiro, A.; Fernandes, J.
3-Sep-2017High-resolution Geophysics in the Investigation of the Inner Structure of Walls and Columns of Batalha AbbeyMatias, M. J. Senos; Almeida, F.; Moura, R.; Barraca, N.
2008High speed synchronizers operating internally at submultiples rateReis, A.D.; Rocha, J.F.; Gameiro, A.S.; Carvalho, J.P.
2011Hint-driven DNS resolutionFerreira, Rui; Matos, Alfredo; Aguiar, Rui
1999O hipermédia ao serviço da conceptualização do modelo de ProporcionalidadeCabrita, Isabel
2006A história da matemática na área de projecto no 8º ano de escolaridadePaulino, Ana Ribeiro Braga Silva; Cabrita, Isabel
Jun-2004Holographic portraits: from reality to artistic creationOliveira, Rosa M.; Bernardo, Luis M.; Crespo, Helder
2010Home country measures for FDI: an analysis at regional levelBanno, M.; Piscitello, L.; Varum, C. A.
2012Hospedeiros do Oriente: a imagem do Oriente na literatura goesa sobre folclore e música no século XXSardo, Susana
Nov-2014How google triggers the behavior of its usersMöller, Carsten; Mealha, Óscar
showing results 739 to 758 of 1697
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