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2015C2-Hydrocarbon Adsorption in Nano-porous Faujasite: A DFT StudyPillai, Renjith S.; Khan, Imran; Titus, Elby
2010Cable tensioning control and modal identification of a circular cable-stayed footbridgeRebelo, C.; Julio, E.; Varum, H.; Costa, A.
2006Cadmium assimilation in the terrestrial isopod, Porcellio dilatatus - Is trophic transfer important?Calhôa, Carla Filipa; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Mann, Reinier M.
2013Cadmium-Furandicarboxylate Coordination Polymers Prepared with Different Types of Pyridyl Linkers: Synthesis, Divergent Dimensionalities, and Luminescence StudySen, Rupam; Mal, Dasarath; Brandao, Paula; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Lin, Zhi
2014Cadmium-induced genotoxicity in human osteoblast-like cellsOliveira, Helena; Monteiro, Cristina; Pinho, Francisco; Pinho, Sónia; Ferreira de Oliveira, José Miguel P.; Santos, Conceição
Jan-2015Cadomian (Ediacaran-Cambrian) arc magmatism in the ChahJam-Biarjmand metamorphic complex (Iran): magmatism along the northern active margin of GondwanaShafaii Moghadam, H.; Khademi, M.; Hu, Z.; Stern, R. J.; Santos, J. F.; Wu, Y.
2013Calcium phosphate-based materials of natural origin showing photocatalytic activityPiccirillo, Clara; Dunnill, Charles W.; Pullar, Robert C.; Tobaldi, David M.; Labrincha, Joao A.; Parkin, Ivan P.; Pintado, Manuela M.; Castro, Paula M. L.
2015Calcium Phosphonate Frameworks for Treating Bone Tissue DisordersShi, Fa-Nian; Almeida, Jose C.; Helguero, Luisa A.; Fernandes, Maria H. V.; Knowles, Jonathan C.; Rocha, Joao
2007Calculation of stress intensity factors by the force methodMorais, A.B. de
Mar-2018Calculus of variations involving Caputo-Fabrizio fractional differentiationBastos, Nuno R. O.
2009Calculus of variations on time scales with nabla derivativesMartins, N.; Torres, D.F.M.
2009Calculus of variations with fractional derivatives and fractional integralsAlmeida, R.; Torres, D.F.M.
2004Calibration and validation of hydrodynamic, salt and heat transport models for Ria de Aveiro lagoon (Portugal)Dias, J. M.; Lopes, J. F.
2014Camera-trapping as a methodology to assess the persistence of wildlife carcasses resulting from collisions with human-made structuresPaula, João J. S.; Bispo, Regina M. B.; Leite, Andreia H.; Pereira, Pedro G. S.; Costa, Hugo M. R. G.; Fonseca, Carlos M. M. S.; Mascarenhas, Miguel R. T.; Bernardino, Joana L. V.
1993Camila, a virgem guerreiraTorrão, João Manuel Nunes
2010Can avoidance in Enchytraeus albidus be used as a screening parameter for pesticides testing?Novais, SC; Soares, AMVM; Amorim, MJB
2010Can behavioural responses of Lumbriculus variegatus (Oligochaeta) assess sediment toxicity? A case study with sediments exposed to acid mine drainageSardo, AM; Soares, AMVM
Sep-2011Can biotic indices detect mild organic enrichment of the seafloor?Sampaio, L.; Rodrigues, A. M.; Quintino, V.
15-Nov-2016Can information be spread as a virus? Viral Marketing as epidemiological modelRodrigues, Helena Sofia; Fonseca, Manuel José
2011Can multiscale traffic analysis be used to differentiate Internet applicationsRocha, E.; Salvador, P.; Nogueira, A.
showing results 658 to 677 of 6228
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