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2003Business services within networks for innovationVarum, C. A.
15-Feb-2012Catching-up? The evolution of management consultancies in Portugal and SpainVarum, C. A.
2011O combate à exclusão social através de programas de Turismo Social para famílias economicamente carenciadasLima, J.; Eusébio, C.; Varum, C. A.
15-Feb-2012Competition policy and innovationVarum, C. A.
2007Competitiveness factors: a portuguese perspectiveBongardt, A.; Varum, C. A.
2011O conhecimento e interesse dos jovens pela economiaVarum, C. A.; Ferreira, Abigail
15-Feb-2012Consultancies as management schoolsKipping, M.; Varum, C. A.
2011Directions in entrepreneurship education in EuropeRizza, C.; Varum, C. A.
2011Evaluation of public support to outward FDI. An exploratory analysis with an ordered Probit model applied to Portuguese firmsVarum, C. A.; Torres, M. M.
2007Exploring economic and policy determinants of FDI. A panel data analysisVarum, C. A.; Bento, J. P.; Pinho, C.
2011Firm's characteristics, public support and foreign direct investmentTorres, M. M.; Varum, C. A.
2009Foreign subsidiaries performance and dynamics: a comparative analysis with domestic firmsVarum, C. A.; Rocha, V.C.
2000Global consultancies: determinants of market entry and strategies for conquering clients in foreign locationsVarum, C. A.
2010Home country measures for FDI: an analysis at regional levelBanno, M.; Piscitello, L.; Varum, C. A.
2011Innovation and internationalisation: a simultaneous equation approachVarum, C. A.; Banno, M.; Vezzoli, M.; Carpita, M.
2005Innovation, foreign ownership and international linkages. An empirical analysis on the Iberian countriesVarum, C. A.
2011Inside the entrepreneur's mind: an investigation of the perceived importance of public support for outward foreign direct investmentTorres, M. M.; Varum, C. A.
15-Feb-2012International buyer-supplier relationships, transfer of knowledge and local supplier's capabilityVarum, C. A.
7-Feb-2012Internationalisation, financial incentives and firm growth: evidence from ItalyBanno, M.; Pisctiello, L.; Varum, C. A.
2010Internationalization of regions: the role of public policyBanno, M.; Piscitello, L.; Varum, C. A.
showing results 1 to 20 of 30
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