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Nov-1986Compatibility relationships in Magnesia-Chrome Refractories: Part 1 Compositional Relationships between the Phases in the Primary Crystallization Volumes of Periclase in the Systems MgO-Binary R2O3-CaO.SiO2Segadães, A. M.; Brett, N. H.; White, J.
Feb-1986Compatibility relationships in the system CaO.SiO2-Fe2O3-FeOCanha, R. H.; Segadães, A. M.
May-1987Corrosion of Alumino-Silicate Refractories by Molten Salts: Evaluation and TestingCarvalho, M. A.; Frade, J. R.; Segadães, A. M.
1996Phase equilibrium relationships in the system Al2O3-TiO2-MnO, relevant to the low-temperature sintering of aluminaMoreira, M. C.; Segadães, A. M.
Aug-1990Phase-equilibrium relationships in the system Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2: an updateGreca, M. C.; Emiliano, J. V.; Segadães, A. M.
Jan-1991Processing and characterization of thin-films of the 2-layer superconducting phase in the bi-sr-ca-cu-o system: evidence for solid-solutionGolden, S. J.; Bloomer, T. E.; Lange, F. F.; Segadães, A. M.; Vaidya, K. J.; Cheetham, A. K.
May-2003Rheological behaviour of clay-based slurries: effect of the preparation methods (Lab-scale or typical industrial procedures)Pereira, F. R.; Oliveira, A. P.; Noni Jr., A. de; Hotza, D.; Segadães, A. M.; Labrincha, J. A.
1988Unshaped refractories with chemical bondingGonçalves, A. M.; Segadães, A. M.
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