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Mar-2006Characterizing the role benthos plays in large coastal seas and estuaries: A modular approachTenore, K. R.; Zajac, R. N.; Terwin, J.; Andrade, F.; Blanton, J.; Boynton, W.; Carey, D.; Diaz, R.; Holland, A. F.; Lopez-Jamar, E.; Montagna, P.; Nichols, F.; Rosenberg, R.; Queiroga, H.; Sprung, M.; Whitlatch, R. B.
2005Composition and distribution of zooplankton across an upwelling front on the northern Portuguese coast during summerQueiroga, H.; Silva, C.; Sorbe, J. C.; Morgado, F.
Sep-2009Development and Application of Microsatellites in Carcinus maenas: Genetic Differentiation between Northern and Central Portuguese PopulationsPascoal, S.; Creer, S.; Taylor, M. I.; Queiroga, H.; Carvalho, G.; Mendo, S.
10-Dec-2008Effect of crab size and habitat type on the locomotory activity of juvenile shore crabs, Carcinus maenasAlmeida, M. J.; Flores, A. A. V.; Queiroga, H.
2010Effect of food deprivation in late larval development and early benthic life of temperate marine coastal and estuarine caridean shrimpCalado, R.; Pimentel, T.; Pochelon, P.; Olaguer-Feliu, A. O.; Queiroga, H.
2005Estimation of the Diopatra neapolitana annual harvest resulting from digging activity in Canal de Mira, Ria de AveiroCunha, T.; Hall, A.; Queiroga, H.
2011Fatty acid profiles indicate the habitat of mud snails Hydrobia ulvae within the same estuary: Mudflats vs. seagrass meadowsCoelho, H.; Silva, T. L.; Reis, A.; Queiroga, H.; Serôdio, J.; Calado, R.
2000Flux of decapod larvae and juveniles at a station in the lower Canal de Mira (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal) during one lunar monthPereira, F.; Pereira, R.; Queiroga, H.
2006Growth and development of nauplii and copepodites of the estuarine copepod Acartia tonsa from southern Europe (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal) under saturating food conditionsLeandro, S. M.; Tiselius, P.; Queiroga, H.
2005Interactions between behaviour and physical forcing in the control of horizontal transport of decapod crustacean larvaeQueiroga, H.; Blanton, J.
1994Larval abundance patterns of Carcinus-Maenas (Decapoda, Brachyura) in Canal de Mira (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)Queiroga, H.; Costlow, J. D.; Moreira, M. H.
2007Oceanographic and behavioural processes affecting invertebrate larval dispersal and supply in the western Iberia upwelling ecosystemQueiroga, H.; Cruz, T.; dos, Santos A.; Dubert, J.; Gonzalez-Gordillo, J. I.; Paula, J.; Peliz, A.; Santos, A. M. P.
Aug-2003Physical forcing of onshore transport of crab megalopae in the northern Portuguese upwelling systemAlmeida, M. J.; Queiroga, H.
2007Planktonic availability and settlement of Carcinus maenas megalopae at high temporal resolution in the lower Mira Estuary (SW Portugal)Amaral, V.; Queiroga, H.; Skov, M.; Paula, J.
Mar-2011Supply of crab larvae to an estuary in the eastern Atlantic upwelling system exhibits predictable and haphazard variation at different temporal scalesDomingues, C. P.; Almeida, M. J.; Dubert, J.; Nolasco, R.; Cordeiro, N.; Waap, S.; Sequeira, A.; Tavares, S.; Queiroga, H.
2006Temperature-dependent development and somatic growth in two allopatric populations of Acartia clausi (Copepoda : Calanoida)Leandro, S. M.; Queiroga, H.; Rodriguez-Grana, L.; Tiselius, P.
2007Temporal changes of abundance, biomass and production of copepod community in a shallow temperate estuary (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)Leandro, S. M.; Morgado, F.; Pereira, F.; Queiroga, H.
2011Temporal genetic homogeneity among shore crab (Carcinus maenas) larval events supplied to an estuarine system on the Portuguese northwest coastDomingues, C. P.; Creer, S.; Taylor, M. I.; Queiroga, H.; Carvalho, G. R.
2009The capacity of crab megalopae to autotomize body appendages and the consequences upon their feeding ability - the price to pay to live another dayCalado, R.; Olaguer-Feliu, A. O.; Gonzalez-Gordillo, J. I.; Queiroga, H.
2010The circatidal rhythm of the estuarine gastropod Hydrobia ulvae (Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae)Vieira, S.; Coelho, H.; Nolasco, R.; Serôdio, J.; Barnes, R.; Queiroga, H.
showing results 1 to 20 of 28
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