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2008Abordagem algébrica à igualdade observacionalMartins, Manuel A.; Descalço, Luís António Arsénio; Madeira, Alexandre Leite de Castro
2010Admissible equivalence systemsBabenyshev, Sergey; Martins, Manuel A.
2009Análise estruturada e formal das provasVieira, João Carlos David; Martins, Manuel A.; Barreto, Maria Nilde Fernandes
Aug-2016An exercise on the generation of many-valued dynamic logicsMadeira, Alexandre; Neves, Renato; Martins, Manuel A.
Sep-2017Applying differential dynamic logic to reconfigurable biological networksFigueiredo, Daniel; Martins, Manuel A.; Chaves, Madalena
2008Automatic structures for semigroup constructionsAndrade, I.; Descalço, L.; Martins, Manuel A.
2009Behavioral algebraization of logicsCaleiro, C.; Gonçalves, R.; Martins, Manuel A.
Jul-2016Behavioral equivalence of hidden k-logics: an abstract algebraic approachBabenyshev, Sergey; Martins, Manuel A.
2006Behavioral institutions and refinements in generalized hidden logicsMartins, Manuel A.
2007Behavioural reasoning for conditional equationsMartins, Manuel A.; Pigozzi, D.
2007Closure properties for the class of behavioral modelsMartins, Manuel A.
2015Completeness and decidability results for hybrid(ised) logicsNeves, Renato; Martins, Manuel A.; Barbosa, Luís S.
15-Aug-2016Continuity as a computational effectNeves, Renato; Barbosa, Luis S.; Hofmann, Dirk; Martins, Manuel A.
28-Apr-2013Deduction-detachment theorem in hidden K-logicsBabenyshev, Sergey; Martins, Manuel A.
2015A dynamic logic for every seasonMadeira, Alexandre; Neves, Renato; Martins, Manuel A.; Barbosa, Luís S.
Aug-2007Electrostatic assembly and growth of gold nanoparticles in cellulosic fibresPinto, Ricardo J. B.; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Martins, Manuel A.; Neto, Carlos Pascoal; Trindade, Tito
2011Hybridization of institutionsMartins, Manuel A.; Madeira, A.; Diaconescu, R.; Barbosa, L.S.
2011Hybrid specification of reactive systems: An institutional approachMadeira, A.; Faria, J.M.; Martins, Manuel A.; Barbosa, L.S.
2009Leibniz hierarchyMartins, Manuel A.; Poças, Jacinta Rodrigues
Oct-2010Luminescent SiO(2)-coated Gd(2)O(3):Eu(3+) nanorods/poly(styrene) nanocomposites by in situ polymerizationMacedo, Andreia G.; Martins, Manuel A.; Fernandes, Silvia E. M.; Barros-Timmons, Ana; Trindade, Tito; Carlos, Luis D.; Rocha, Joao
showing results 1 to 20 of 34
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