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199210 Gbit/s timing recovery circuit using dielectric resonator and active bandpass filtersMonteiro, P.; Matos, J.N.; Gameiro, A.; da Rocha, J.R.F.
199420 Gbit/s DR based timing recovery circuitMonteiro, P.; Matos, J.N.; Gameiro, A.; da Rocha, J.R.F.
20064MORE system level performanceRodriguez, J.; Monteiro, V.; Gameiro, A.; Legouable, R.; Ibrahim, N.; Shateri, M.
1994Analysis and optimization of PLL's with signal injection in synchronization systemsGameiro, A.
2007Analysis of communication opportunities in UMTS cellular networksPereira, A.; Bastos, J.; Marques, P.; Gameiro, A.
2017An Overview on Resource Allocation Techniques for Multi-User MIMO SystemsCastañeda, E.; Silva, A.; Gameiro, A.; Kountouris, M.
2009Application of game theory in ad- hoc opportunistic radiosMumtaz, S.; Marques, P.; Gameiro, A.
2006Application of SDMA with scheduling for MIMO MC-CDMAMonteiro, V.; Rodriguez, J.; Gameiro, A.
2002ASILUM: A platform to evaluate advanced combinations of smart antennas and multi-user detection for UMTS FDD and TDDHérault, L.; Reed, M.; Voyer, N.; Brunel, L.; Gameiro, A.; Correia, L.M.; Pamp, J.; Pesce, M.
1998Base station transceiver design in a digital wireless local loop systemNavarro, A.; Silva, P.; Ribau, P.; Silva, R.; Figueiredo, J.; Matos, J.; Gameiro, A.
1998Baud sampling bit synchroniser for channels with data dependent noiseGameiro, A.
2010Binary dirty paper codingCastanheira, D.; Gameiro, A.
2000Capacity enhancement of DS-CDMA synchronous channels by frequency-shift filteringGameiro, A.
2006Channel estimation method with improved performance for the UMTS-TDD modeMarques, Paulo; Gameiro, A.; Fernandes, J.
2002Channel estimation with array processing for the uplink of UMTS-TDDMarques, P.; Gameiro, A.; Fernandes, J.
2011Channels and parameters acquisition in cooperative OFDM systemsNeves, D.; Ribeiro, C.; Silva, A.; Gameiro, A.
2006Coded PPM based modulations for infrared WLAN'SAlves, R.; Gameiro, A.
1999Coding techniques for wireless infrared communicationsGameiro, A.; Alves, R.
2008Collision resolution algorithms for RFID applicationsSamano-Robles, R.; Gameiro, A.
2010Combined distributed turbo coding and space frequency block coding techniquesBota, V.; Polgar, Zs. A.; Silva, A.; Teodoro, S.; Stef, M. P.; Moço, A.; Botos, A.; Gameiro, A.
showing results 1 to 20 of 94
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