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2015Design of SrTiO3-Based Thermoelectrics by Tungsten SubstitutionKovalevsky, A. V.; Populoh, S.; Patricio, S. G.; Thiel, P.; Ferro, M. C.; Fagg, D. P.; Frade, J. R.; Weidenkaff, A.
2014Electrical properties and thermal expansion of strontium aluminatesZakharchuk, K. V.; Yaremchenko, A. A.; Fagg, D. P.
2014Enhanced BaZrO3 mechanosynthesis by the use of metastable ZrO2 precursorsSherafat, Z.; Antunes, I.; Almeida, C.; Frade, J. R.; Paydar, M. H.; Mather, G. C.; Fagg, D. P.
2015Modeling of electrical conductivity in the proton conductor Ba0.85K0.15ZrO3-deltaSherafat, Z.; Paydar, M. H.; Antunes, I.; Nasani, N.; Brandao, A. D.; Fagg, D. P.
2014Ni-YSZ cermets for solid oxide fuel cell anodes via two-step firingDavarpanah, A.; Yaremchenko, A. A.; Fagg, D. P.; Frade, J. R.
2015Structural and defect chemistry guidelines for Sr(V,Nb)O-3-based SOFC anode materialsMacias, J.; Yaremchenko, A. A.; Fagg, D. P.; Frade, J. R.
2014Towards a high thermoelectric performance in rare-earth substituted SrTiO3: effects provided by strongly-reducing sintering conditionsKovalevsky, A. V.; Yaremchenko, A. A.; Populoh, S.; Thiel, P.; Fagg, D. P.; Weidenkaff, A.; Frade, J. R.
showing results 1 to 7 of 7


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