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Title: Seismic strengthening of beam-column joints with multidirectional CFRP laminates
Author: Coelho, M.
Fernandes, P.
Melo, J.
Sena-Cruz, J.
Varum, H.
Barros, J.
Costa, A.
Keywords: Multidirectional CFRP laminates
RC beam-column joint
Seismic strengthening
MF-EBR strengthening technique
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: An experimental program was carried out to analyse the potentialities of a technique based on the use of multidirectional CFRP laminates (MDL-CFRP) for the seismic repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) beam-column joints. This experimental program comprises cyclic tests on three full-scale RC joints, representative of interior beam-column connections in buildings. The joints were initially submitted to a cyclic test inducing a damage pattern representative of a seismic event. Subsequently, they were repaired and strengthened with MDL-CFRP. The strengthened joints were then tested for the same loading history of the original ones up to their failure. The adopted strengthening technique uses the MDL-CFRP that are simultaneously glued and anchored to the concrete surfaces. This technique is called Mechanically Fastened and Externally Bonded Reinforcement (MF-EBR). In the present study, the effectiveness of two different strengthening configurations was investigated. The tests are described and the main results are presented and analyzed.
Peer review: yes
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