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Title: Tuned liquid dampers simulation for earthquake response control of buildings
Author: Novo, T.
Varum, H.
Teixeira-Dias, F.
Rodrigues, H.
Silva, M. J. Falcão
Costa, A. Campos
Guerreiro, L.
Keywords: Tuned Liquid Damper
Earthquake protection systems
Energy dissipation
Numerical simulation
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This paper is focused on the study of an earthquake protection system, the Tuned Liquid Damper (TLD), which can, if adequately designed, reduce earthquake demands on buildings. This positive effect is accomplished taking into account the oscillation of the free surface of a fluid inside a tank (sloshing). The behaviour of an isolated Tuned Liquid Damper, subjected to a sinusoidal excitation at its base, with different displacement amplitudes, was studied by finite element analysis. The efficiency of the TLD in improving the seismic response of an existing building, representative of modern architecture buildings in southern European countries was also evaluated based on linear dynamic analyses.
Peer review: yes
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