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Title: Estimation of losses for adobe buildings in Pakistan
Author: Rafi, M. M.
Lodi, S. H.
Varum, H.
Alam, N.
Keywords: Adobe
Damage grade
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Adobe buildings are vulnerable to seismic forces. Large scale destructions and casualties have been caused due to the collapse of adobe buildings during the past earthquakes. A significant number of adobe structures exist in different parts of Pakistan, similar to other parts of the world. Since Pakistan lies in a seismic active region, it is necessary to assess the level of vulnerability of these buildings in order to estimate associated losses during a seismic event. This paper presents the results of a study which was conducted to quantify damages to adobe buildings based on their fragility curves. The adobe buildings were found to be highly vulnerable to low intensity earthquakes. The vulnerability of these buildings has been compared with the European adobe buildings. It was noted that Pakistani adobe buildings were slightly less resistant to earthquakes as compared to similar buildings in Europe. Retrofitting solutions were suggested in order to increase the seismic capacity of adobe buildings in Pakistan.
Peer review: yes
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