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Title: The study of soil, hydrological, erosion and vegetation processes following wildfire in the Colmeal study area, central Portugal
Author: Keizer, J.
Nunes, J.
Sande Silva, J.
Gomes Pereira, L.
Vieira, D.
Varela, M.
Prats, S.
Pinheiro, J.
Pereira, V.
Mendes, H.
Malvar, M.
Maia, P.
Ferreira, R.
Faria, S.
Coelho, C.
Albuquerque, A.
Abrantes, N.
Benali, A.
Santos, A.
Magalhães, M.
Ferreira, A.
Fernandes, I.
Cambra, S
Keywords: Soil processes
Hydrological processes
Erosion processes
Vegetation processes
Issue Date: 15-Nov-2010
Publisher: Forest Fire Research
Abstract: The EROSFIRE-II project (PTDC/AGR-CFL/70968/2006) has as overall aim to predict soil erosion risk in recently burnt forest areas, including following common post-fire forest management practices. Although the project’s main focus is on onsite erosion processes, also the export of sediments out of small catchments is addressed. To this end, a study area of about 60 ha located near to the village of Colmeal (municipality of Góis, central Portugal) was instrumented extensively following a wildfire during August 2008, and has been monitored intensively afterwards.(...)
Peer review: yes
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