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Title: Knowledge extraction from minutes of Portuguese municipalities meetings
Author: Rodrigues, Mário
Dias, Gonçalo Paiva
Teixeira, António
Keywords: Entities and relations extraction
Semantic query
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Abstract: A very relevant problem in e-government is that a great amount of knowledge is in natural language unstructured documents. If that knowledge was stored using a computer-processable representation it would be more easily accessed. In this paper we present the architecture, modules and initial results of a prototype under development for extracting information from government documents. The prototype stores the information using a formal representation of the set of concepts and the relationships between those concepts - an ontology. The system was tested using minutes of Portuguese Municipal Boards meetings. Initial results are presented for an important and frequent topic of the minutes: the subsidies granted by municipalities.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-84-8158-510-0
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