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dc.contributor.authorPais, Sóniapt
dc.contributor.authorCabrita, Isabelpt
dc.contributor.authorAnjo, António José Batelpt
dc.description.abstractNowadays we live in an ever-changing society, changes that are reflected, not only, but also, in the educational community. Thus renewal of paradigms in the educational context is demanded. The challenge that teachers face today is to motivate students to learn, get them to commit to and have an active role in their learning, thus increasing their motivation to learn. The questions underlying this work are: How can teachers know the students' differences and their individual learning characteristics? How can teachers understand their students and design effective instruction? What teaching strategies are recommended to help teachers meet the different learning needs of all their students? The empirical part of the case study, in an investigation-action context, encompassed students of the curricular unit of Mathematical Analysis I (2008/2009 1st semester), of the plan of studies of the Science Food Engineering of the Superior School of Tourism and Sea Technology (ESTM), of Leiria's Polytechnical Institute. Preliminary analysis of the data collected trough several techniques - surveys, content analysis and participant observation - indicates that instruction designed to address a broad spectrum of learning styles has proven more effective than traditional instruction (almost exclusively magisterial and based on the transmission of knowledge), which focuses on a narrow range of styles. Moreover, it allows us to reflect on the conditions that will enhance the implementation of a model that has the learning of the students as the basis, respecting their individual rhythm and learning style preferences, and favoring an education centered in the pupil's body of
dc.subjectLearning Stylespt
dc.subjectTeaching Strategiespt
dc.subjectStudents Differencespt
dc.subjectEffective Teachingpt
dc.titleLearning and teaching in higher education: a study with Science Food Engineering studentspt
ua.event.date28-30 junho, 2010pt
degois.publication.titleELSIN XV: proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference of the European Learning Styles Information Network: exploring styles to enhance learning and teaching in diverse contextspt
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