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Title: Spoken Communication with CAMBADA@Home Service Robot
Author: Martins, Ciro
Teixeira, António
Pedrosa, Eurico
Almeida, Nuno
Keywords: spoken dialog, human-computer interaction, mobile service robot
Issue Date: 4-Feb-2012
Abstract: Spoken language is a natural way to control the human-robot interac-tion, especially for mobile service robots. It has some important advantages over other communication approaches: eyes and handsfree, communication from a distance, even without being in line of sight and no need for additional learning for humans. In this paper, we present the spoken dialog framework in-tegrated in our mobile service robot CAMBADA@Home, a robotic platform aimed at move into a living space and interact withusers of that space. The proposed framework comprises three major spoken andnatural language processing components: an Automatic Speech Recognition component to process the human requests, a Text-to-Speech component to generate more nat-ural responses from the robot side, and a dialog manager to control how these two components work together.
Peer review: yes
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