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Title: Q-model: Um modelo bidimensional de maturidade para o e-government
Author: Dias, G.P.
Keywords: E-government; maturidade; interoperabilidade; prestação eletrónica de serviços; administração pública
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: AISTI
Abstract: In this article we present and discuss the Q-Model - a two-dimensional maturity model for e-government. Although it is the result of a synthesis effort on previously proposed maturity models, it innovates by using two dimensions of analysis: interaction in service delivery; and integration of the service delivery from the client's perspective. This approach allows the classification of a broader spectrum of e-government initiatives and suggests that multiple maturity paths can be followed from traditional face-to-face non-integrated government environments to fully multi-channel and trannsversally integrated e-government scenarios. We argue that the Q-Model contributes to shift the focus from interaction driven e-government development to a development approach that balances interaction with integration concerns. This is especially relevant since governments tend to postpone integration objectives because they are harder to achieve and have less immediate visibility.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1646-9895
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