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Title: Particulate matter and health risk under a changing climate: assessment for Portugal
Author: Dias, D.
Tchepel, O.
Carvalho, A.
Miranda, A. I.
Borrego, C.
Keywords: Air quality
Particulate matter
Climate change
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: The Scientific World Journal
Abstract: In this work the potential impacts of climate-induced changes in air pollution levels and its impacts on population health was investigated. The IPCC scenario (SRES A2) was used to analyse the effects of climate on future PM10 concentrations over Portugal and their impact on short-term population exposure and mortality. The air quality modelling system has been applied with high spatial resolution looking on climate changes at regional scale. To quantify health impacts related with air pollution changes the WHO methodology for health impact assessment was implemented. The results point to 8% increase of premature mortality attributed to future PM10 levels in Portugal. The pollution episodes with daily average PM10 concentration above the current legislated value (50 µg.m-3) would be responsible for 81% of attributable cases. The absolute number of deaths attributable to PM10 under future climate emphasizes the importance of indirect effects of climate change on human health.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1100/2012/409546
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