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Title: Internet Art and the University: how to introduce the relation between Art, Science and Technology to master students
Author: Oliveira, Rosa Maria
Albuquerque, Inês
Keywords: artistic education
Internet art
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: InSEA
Abstract: The relation between art, science and technology is a reality of contemporary art specially acknowledge when we contact with current artistic production. Nevertheless, how should it be taught in a university context? This paper will address some issues regarding the teaching of Internet art in a theoretical perspective under the context of Art, Science and Technology class of Master degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation at University of Aveiro. The students’ participation, and their theoretical reflections around the subject of Internet art, reinforces the necessity to clarify those subjects, which are imminently contemporary, contextualized in a specific reality such as the art, science and technology. It can also be perceived as a very challenging instrument to pose some of the main questions of Internet art and explore some of the possible answers. Through this theoretical approach of teaching net art, and with the reflections from the students, this paper will state that the contemporary artistic education can be an important tool to explore contemporary art.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-963-08-1596-3
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