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Title: Some experiments of the use of the New Technologies in Artistic Education: new challenges to bridging the gap between different cultural and social groups
Author: Oliveira, Rosa Maria
Keywords: artistic education
new technologies
different cultural groups
inclusive school
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: InSEA - International Society for Education Through Art
Abstract: How to build constructive dialogue between different cultural and social groups may be a huge challenge. It is important to respect traditions and identities but at same time provide a level of education necessary nowadays. It is also important to engage families in the process in order to recognise the importance of formal education. The use of computer programs and other electronic equipment as creativity tools in the context of Artistic Education enable students, teachers and communities, to build new relationships by putting together knowledge and practices. It also helps to bridging the gap between the school and the student’s families and communities (OLIVEIRA: 2007). The use of digital cameras and/or video cameras, the possibility of scanning, changing and editing the images and sounds in computer, leads to new teaching and learning methodologies and consequent changes in the educational concepts. The projects developed in a school context show the potentialities of the use of the New Technologies in Artistic Education and pose new challenges to the teachers and students in the area of the Visual Arts. They also facilitate various project approaches developed in educational context, by exploiting them at different ages mostly from the Basic and Secondary School level.
Peer review: yes
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