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Title: Experimental assessment and retrofit of full-scale models of existing RC frames
Author: Pinto, A. V.
Varum, H.
Molina, J.
Keywords: Existing structures
Infilled frames
Seismic tests
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: PSD tests on two full-scale models of existing non-seismic resisting RC frame structures are described. The testing program covered several aspects, namely assessment of seismic performance of existing frames without and with infill panels, retrofitting of the bare frame using Selective Retrofitting techniques, strengthening of the infill panels using shotcrete and retrofitting of the frame using K-bracing with shear-link dissipators. The main results from the tests are summarized and discussed and the conclusions are drawn. The tests on the bare frame have shown how vulnerable are existing structures constructed in the 60’s and the beneficial effects of infill panels were confirmed from the tests on the infilled frame. Important improvements, in terms of seismic performance, were achieved by the retrofitting of the frames. However, it was also confirmed that strengthening of the existing infill panels in poorly detailed frames may lead to dangerous ‘local’ failures, such as the shear out of the external columns.
Peer review: yes
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