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Title: Mechanical characterization of adobe bricks in existing constructions in Aveiro Region, Portugal
Author: Varum, H.
Martins, T.
Keywords: Adobe
Mechanical behaviour
Compressive strength
Tensile strength
Young modulus
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: In Portugal it is common to find earth constructions all over the country, being predominant in the centre and south. In the past, earth was massified as a construction material, used with different typologies and applications. Adobe construction is confined mainly to the central part of the country and more viewed in the west coast (gandaresa region). Aveiro, an Atlantic sea line city is an excellent example of a place with several ancient adobe constructions, some with architectural and historical relevance like some art-noveau houses. Just a few ones have been preserved with the passing years. The majority are in the threshold of ruin and structurally weak needing an urgent solution for their furtherance as buildings. Preservation and rehabilitation of those constructions was simply forgotten, carrying to the actual situation. In this context, becomes urgent, and absolutely necessary, to advance with rehabilitation and strengthening of these constructions. A great difficulty for technicians working on the rehabilitation relies on the lack of knowledge on adobe’s mechanical behaviour. In fact, in order to properly describe the structural behaviour of those constructions, there’s a need to investigate the mechanical properties of adobe. Hence, this paper presents a study which intended to characterise the behaviour of adobe brick units. Specimens were prepared from selected representative Aveiro’s constructions. The prepared specimens were tested in order to evaluate their mechanical behaviour in compression and tension. Usually, adobe blocks were made from clay soils. A basic characterization was also performed by the adobes’ granulometric analysis.
Peer review: yes
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