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Title: What do innovators do to succeed? A case study of Sage plc
Author: Oliveira, Manuel Au-Yong
Barandas, Hortênsia
Barros, António
Keywords: Innovation, Sage, case study, management strategy, culture
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2007
Publisher: EIASM – The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management
Abstract: What do innovators do in their efforts to succeed? Successful innovation is embedded and leveraged by the management strategy. Sage plc, the third largest management software company in the world, is analysed. Various factors are seen to foster an innovation culture at Sage: an open organizational culture, a responsive market orientation coupled with a proactive market orientation, an international expansion strategy according to a multi-domestic orientation, and a horizontal internal communication policy. Sage Portugal was visited and its CEO interviewed, several times, in-depth. Sage Portugal Nº2 was also interviewed. Company documents, reports, newsletters, Internet site and Intranet were also analysed.
Peer review: yes
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