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Title: Interacting with technology in an ever more complex World: Designing for an all-inclusive society
Author: Gonçalves, Ramiro
Oliveira, Manuel Au-Yong
Keywords: Technology, all-inclusive society, designing for all
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: World Future Society, Cynthia G. Wagner (Ed.)
Abstract: In a recent study we undertook we analyzed a relatively simple day-to-day technology namely the use of automatic teller machines (ATMs) by older adults. Our results alert to the fact that for an aging population Worldwide, even seemingly simple technological products (such as ATMs) have to be in future more carefully designed to be all-inclusive (e.g. intuitively usable by all) so that individuals do not feel marginalized by financially-oriented [as well as other] technology. This will enable obvious immediate benefits for people, including increased productivity, quality of life and independence. Recent studies have proven that belonging to social groups and networks – in sum, feeling included through one’s relationships in society – can be just as important for one’s health as diet and exercise – social isolation can be a health hazard comparable to that of smoking, high blood pressure and obesity (Jetten et al. 2009). Computers and technology, on the other hand, are to become ever more present in society (Challenger 2009). We thus believe that steps have to be taken to prevent the elderly and other groups with limitations from feeling disconnected in an increasingly technological World. Otherwise we will incur hidden costs at a growing rate (U.S. Census Bureau).
ISBN: 978-0-930242-67-1
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