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Title: Effect of high pressure treatment on structure and properties of cellulose in eucalypt pulps
Author: Figueiredo, Andreia
Evtuguin, Dmitry
Saraiva, Jorge
Keywords: Cellulose
High pressure processing
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Abstract: Bleached acid sulphite and kraft Eucalyptus globulus pulps were subjected to treatment at high hydrostatic pressure (400 MPa during 10 min). The associated structural changes of cellulose were evaluated by X-ray scattering, solid-state NMR and infrared spectroscopy. The high pressure treatment promoted the growth of crystalline domains predominantly via lateral aggregation (cocrystallization) and, to some extent, due to the accretion of cellulose from noncrystalline domains (recrystallization). The treated pulps exhibited increment of the amount of strongly bound water and improved accessibility to amorphous domains. The high pressure treatment of dried sulphite pulp led to restoration, at least partially, of its swelling capacity thus diminishing the hornification features. Pressure treated dried sulphite pulp showed improved fibre bonding capacity at simultaneously increased bulk of the produced handsheets. The results obtained clearly showed the potential of high pressure treatments for the modification of cellulosic fibres in different applications.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1007/s10570-010-9454-2
ISSN: 0969-0239
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